Food Donation to Pets in Need | Sponsorship

If you are an animal shelter looking for business to support you, please reach out to us by emailing to:

You do a lot for your pet. You keep them engaged and active by walking them regularly or taking them to the park to frolic and play. You keep them healthy with regular trips to the veterinarian and a healthy and balanced complete diet. You keep them happy with new toys and accessories that offer fun and variety. And most of all, you keep them loved as a treasured furry member of your family.

However, not every pet is as fortunate to belong to a loving family like yours. All too often, dogs and cats end up in shelters. Whether they are captured and taken off the streets as strays or given up by families who could not take care of them, there are too many animals who don’t have a forever home. It’s difficult to picture your pet in a shelter setting, alone for much of the time, living out their days in a kennel devoid of personality. It’s harder to wrap your mind around the fact that hundreds upon thousands of pets existing in that reality, waiting for someone to improve their situation for the better.

As much as we would want yo,we can’t adopt every single pet in need. However, we can help by donating nutritious food to pets in difficult situations.

When you purchase an order of $60 or greater, we will donate food to a pet in need of help. Just think — you can give back to a worthy cause simply by purchasing the food, treats, grooming products, accessories, and more that you were already going to give to your pet.

Make a pet in need feel just as treasured as your furry family member already does.

When we donate food to help a pet in need, the shelter can focus on other resources, including keeping their animals healthy and well cared for, and rehabilitating animals with special needs. Our act of kindness to the animals could even help the shelter donate additional funds into their community outreach program, promoting possible adoptions into forever homes.

You can do your part by continuing to purchase the products you have grown to know, trust, and love. By purchasing them through a trusted source, you can rest assured that your pet will be receiving the best possible products for their happiness and health.

At the same time, you now know that your purchase helps to contribute to make shelter pets’ lives happier and healthier.

We’re empowered through you to have the ability to feed pets in need and improve their situations meal by meal.